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Most logistics companies consider ODC/Break Bulk as a peripheral service that demands high amount of Physical/Professional tasks whereas we at Xllent think otherwise.

Over Dimensional Cargo is our key business activity. We have been specializing in ODC as a Stand-alone professional activity over the years. This gives us a unique specialist advantage in this industry that no competition can claim even in the future.

Xllent provides solutions to customers spread across the globe. We have an efficient network that combines world-class intermodal operations with leading edge E-Commerce and IT. We have ensured smooth cargo handling and transportation in the post containerization era by employing state-of-the-art equipment and innovative technology.


Having attained a niche among the leading container operators, we have expertise and experience in handling not only standard container cargoes but also Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC) or Out Of Gauge (OOG) cargoes,and Break Bulk that demand high skill levels and manpower. We specialize in handling ODC, having mastered the knack through years of unrelenting services. We have no close runners or competitors in this line of business.

For more information on Ocean Conservancy, visit their website at xllentgroup.com.