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Iconium Leather Works Pvt Ltd, a family-founded company dealing in manufacture of finest leather, is situated in Bengaluru, South India. We have amassed experience and expertise through decades of dedicated processes in creating leather of the highest possible quality. Ours is a contemporary organization that has its roots dating back three generations.

Promoted and motivated under the distinguished Taurus Tannery banner, the firm has been serving clients unrelentingly for decades. Gaining further strength by forging a joint venture with Sara Suole Pvt Ltd formed by Mr. Kayum Dhanani, we have attained a niche among the top players in the industry. We have the capacity to produce over a million square foot of fine leather per month. We have been serving clients all over the Asian continent; we plan to soon expand to global markets.

Our tannery specializes in manufacturing finished leather and leather products that cater to the diverse needs of varied clients. We have the capability to convert raw leather into finished one with fineness and caliber. Emphasizing maintenance of global standards, we ensure that our products find their presence all over the world.

Presently controlled by Mr. Bhuvan Kumar, Iconium has grown to become the preferred partner and valued supplier of leathers to several major businesses across the nation. We cater to the needs of manufacturers dealing in different products such as Footwear, Sports Goods, Bags, Safety & Lifestyle Goods, Belts, and so on. We have diversified processes covering use of Cow, Goat, Sheep, and Buffalo skin for making outstanding leather.